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Modders turn Nintendo Switch into a full-fledged Linux tablet

Fail0verflow hasn’t explained exactly how the necessary exploit works, but it may be easier than you think. The team previously noted that it’s taking advantage of a bug in the Switch’s bootrom (the fixed low-level code that runs the moment you turn the device on), which prevents Nintendo from patching …

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Hackers Successfully Run Linux on the Nintendo Switch

Today, a group of hackers have successfully got Linux to run on the Nintendo Switch, taking humanity a step towards a future where all computational hardware can run the open-source operating system. Hacking collective the fail0verflow first teased a still image of a Nintendo Switch booting Linux a couple weeks …

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Nintendo Switch has been hacked to run full-fat Linux

Nintendo Switch has been hacked to run full-fat Linux NOT CONTENT with simply getting Linux to boot on the Nintendo Switch, the hacker folks over at fail0verflow have managed to get the hybrid console to behave like a full-fat Linux PC. Taking to Twitter, the best place for public bragging, fail0verflow …

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Nintendo Switch now runs a Linux graphical desktop

The Nintendo Switch has easily become the darling of gamers and, unsurprisingly, a few modders seeking to push the handheld gaming console to the limits. And, no, were not just talking about homebrew game development. A little over a week ago, hacker fail0verflow demonstrated booting up Linux on the Switch, …

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