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Modders turn Nintendo Switch into a full-fledged Linux tablet

Fail0verflow hasn’t explained exactly how the necessary exploit works, but it may be easier than you think. The team previously noted that it’s taking advantage of a bug in the Switch’s bootrom (the fixed low-level code that runs the moment you turn the device on), which prevents Nintendo from patching …

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Linux command history: Choosing what to remember and how

Linux history – the record of commands that you’ve used on the command line – can simplify repeating commands and provide some very useful information when you’re trying to track down how recent system or account changes might have come about. Two things you need to understand before you begin …

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Thrones of Britannia is Coming to Mac and Linux

Feral Interactive announced today that their port of A Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia will be released for macOS and Linux shortly after the Windows release on April 19th. Originally developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA for Windows, Thrones Of Britannia is the first in the new Total War Saga series of standalone games inspired …

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Hackers Successfully Run Linux on the Nintendo Switch

Today, a group of hackers have successfully got Linux to run on the Nintendo Switch, taking humanity a step towards a future where all computational hardware can run the open-source operating system. Hacking collective the fail0verflow first teased a still image of a Nintendo Switch booting Linux a couple weeks …

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