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Microsoft AD FS Web Application Proxy Using F5 BIG-IP

Many users and organizations want the flexibility and convenience of identity federation and Single Sign-On (SSO) from the corporate network to intranet, extranet, and cloud applications.  Users want to use their corporate login information to access applications outside of the organization…for example, login from the Microsoft/Windows environment and have seamless access …

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BIG-IP Puppet Types and Providers

DevOps approach to deploying network and application services is so critical today. The ability to rapidly roll out consistent and repeatable application services that provide for the availability, security, and performance of applications is essential. The F5 and Puppet joint solution provides the functionality to deploy, automate, and manage the …

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Two-Factor Auth and SSO with BIG-IP

In this Lightboard Post of the Week, I answer a question about 2FA and SSO with AD/RSA on BIG-IP by creating a SSO Credential Mapping policy agent in the Visual Policy Editor, that takes the username and password from the logon page, and maps them to variables to be used …

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