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Microsoft, Cisco Team Up on Azure ExpressRoute Networking Support

Microsoft and networking giant Cisco are teaming up to help Azure ExpressRoute customers sort out networking issues that may arise in their hybrid cloud architectures. Launched in 2014, Azure ExpressRoute offers organizations with stringent security and performance requirements a private and secure link to Microsoft’s cloud-computing services. Traffic on ExpressRoute …

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Cisco Minds Its Microservices With Cloud Video

One of the major mindset shifts that’s occurred in network virtualization is the idea that individual network functions shouldn’t just be transferred wholesale into the cloud, but that instead they should be broken down further into mini functions, or microservices that can more flexibly use the on-demand resources the …

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Cisco drops a mega-vulnerability alert for VPN devices [Updated]

US Air Force On January 29, Cisco released a high-urgency security alert for customers using network security devices and software that support virtual private network connections to corporate networks. Firewalls, security appliances, and other devices configured with WebVPN clientless VPN software are vulnerable to a Web-based network attack that could …

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Cisco announces extended partnership with Microsoft, will offer Cisco Solution Support for Azure ExpressRoute

Cisco, a world’s leading networking company, yesterday announced an extended partnership with Microsoft to build a new network practice providing Cisco Solution Support for Azure ExpressRoute. This new program will help customers leverage Cisco’s world class networking expertise in using Cisco networking products and Azure ExpressRoute to connect to the …

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