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VMware update strives to place virtual desktops in modern context

VMware announced a series of updates to its virtual desktop (VDI) line today at VMworld in Las Vegas. The announcement attempts to set the virtual desktop in a more modern context, by offering customers a range of options in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid. What’s more, it’s trying to reduce the cost by partnering with a variety of hardware vendors from HP to Dell and even the… Read More

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5 ways beacons are transforming the enterprise

Bluetooth beacons are proven technology. So why isn’t anyone using them effectively? Sure, companies are using them to track users and boost sales — but are we seeing a return on that investment? Read More

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Growing up in the intelligence era

IT is shifting from the SaaS workflow applications that characterized the cloud computing era to those that help customers make decisions: the intelligence era. The source of competitive advantage is shifting from code to unique data + self-learning code. This brings a change in the expectations of investors. Here we review the requirements of enterprise software investors in the intelligence era. Read More

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Facebook’s Terragraph and ARIES antennas bring Internet to underserved areas – TechCrunch


Facebook's Terragraph and ARIES antennas bring Internet to underserved areas
Probably the most impressive of Facebook's connectivity projects is its solar-powered Aquila drone for enabling Internet access in remote areas. But while the technology behind Aquila is impressive, more traditional terrestrial connectivity systems are ...
Facebook's Massive New Antennas Can Beam Internet for MilesWIRED
Facebook takes on global Internet bottlenecksCNET
Facebook debuts terrestrial tech to deliver InternetUSA TODAY
The Verge -VentureBeat -Inverse -Engadget
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FBI paid professional ‘gray hat’ hackers to break into San Bernardino gunman’s phone – New York Daily News

New York Daily News

FBI paid professional 'gray hat' hackers to break into San Bernardino gunman's phone
New York Daily News
The FBI paid professional hackers to break into the San Bernardino gunman's phone — and the government is now considering whether to tell Apple about the software flaw, according to a Washington Post report. The agency had previously filed a lawsuit ...
FBI Paid Hackers To Crack iPhone Encryption, Report ClaimsInformationWeek
FBI used 'pro hackers' to get into the San Bernardino iPhone 5cAppAdvice
FBI Hired Hackers to Crack Shooter's iPhonePC Magazine
Newsmax -Ars Technica -Digital Trends -iDigitalTimes.com
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