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Migrate a Riverbed Damaged Steelhead

When an RMA is required, we proceed in this way: get the SH on the network with DHCP/DNS like you did Configure tacacs server & key (CMC will attempt to log using a tacacs userid) Enable appropriate interfaces (SH may use 1 to 6 inpath interfaces) + configure IP/mask/gateway (this …

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Citrix Receives 2015 TMC SDN Excellence Award for NetScaler Control Center

Citrix Receives 2015 SDN Excellence Award for NetScaler Control Center Citrix NetScaler Control Center was recognized for its innovation and honored by TMC–a global, integrated media company–as a recipient of the 2015 SDN Excellence Award. About The SDN Excellence Award SDN architecture has had a profound impact on the IT and Telecom industries. As this technology continues to grow in popularity, the SDN Excellence Award… Read More

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How to Use SAML Authentication With StoreFront 2.6

The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) provides a standard for transmitting authentication information between organizations. In particular, SAML can allow users to access resources from an entirely separate domain using their own credentials. With the latest release of StoreFront, Citrix can now provide the benefits of SAML alongside the app store experience of StoreFront for the first time. This solution can be used to help a service provider’s clients access hosted applications, provide a fast way to onboard new employees after a merger or acquisition, deliver critical applications to external healthcare clinics, and more. Ultimately, Citrix’s SAML support adds another layer of flexibility to address today’s fast-paced IT environment.

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