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5 Python Pluses for the Enterprise

By now, you should at least be passingly familiar with Python. One of the fastest-growing languages, Python has been gaining popularity for years and has reached a level of maturity that makes it a top choice for enterprise development. Companies from Microsoft to Google have embraced Python and are not only supporting its use, but also investing in its development. Google uses it to power some of the world's most scalable applications. Developers pick it up quickly and easily.

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Guido on the history of Python

Python creator Guido van Rossum has been writing a series on the history of the language; the latest installment is titled From List Comprehensions to Generator Expressions". "Why the differences, and why the changes to a more restrictive list comprehension in Python 3? The factors affecting the design were backwards compatibility, avoiding ambiguity, the desire for equivalence, and evolution of the language. Originally, Python (before it even had a version :-) only had the explicit for-loop. There is no ambiguity here for the part that comes after 'in': it is always followed by a colon. Therefore, I figured that if you wanted to loop over a bunch of known values, you shouldn't be bothered with having to put parentheses around them."

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Windows 7 Sp1

Windows 7 – Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia LibreNos han dicho que desean una programación más estructurada y predecible para la liberación de Windows nuestro enfoque hacia Windows 7 es basarnos en la misma arquitectura de fondo de Windows Vista Service Pack 1, de manera que las inversiones que ustedes y nuestros …

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Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Offering Windows 8 Pro Upgrades For $39.99, Media …Microsoft Offering Windows 8 Pro Upgrades For $39.99, Media Center Too Written by eBrandz Staff Tuesday, 03 July 2012 13:39 Redmond, Washington — In fresh move that tempts existing users to upgrade to Windows 8, … View Doc Windows Mobile – …

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