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Microsoft Expands Its Container Support With Hyper-V Containers And Stripped-Down Server OS

Microsoft doesn’t want to get left behind as containers quickly change how developers write and deploy applications. Last October, the company announced that it would support Docker containers with the next release of Windows Server. Today, it announced a new hypervisor for running containers safely on Windows Server and a new stripped-down, minimal-footprint install option for… Read More

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CoreOS Raises $12M Funding Round Led By Google Ventures To Bring Kubernetes To The Enterprise

CoreOS, a Docker-centric Linux distribution for large-scale server deployments, today announced that it has raised a $12 million funding round led by Google Ventures with participation by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Fuel Capital and Accel Partners. This new round brings the company’s total funding to $20 million. In addition, CoreOS is also launching Tectonic today. This new… Read More

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Free E-Book: The Art of Assembly Language Programming

Nearly the entire text of The Art of Assembly Language Programming has been posted online for the Processing Systems and Structures course at Washington University. The book begins with machine organization and then works through basic to advanced assembly language.

A while back we asked whether all programmers should learn assembly language. Most of you thought either all or most programmers should learn assembly.

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scp – Linux command line tool to copy files over ssh

SCP stands for secure cp (copy), which means that you can copy files across an ssh connection that will be encrypted, and therefore secured. You can this way copy files from or to a remote server, you can even copy files from one remote server to another remote server, without …

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