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Box Breaks Out Of Application Box With New Developer Edition

Box announced ‘Box Developer Edition‘ at its yearly BoxDev event today. The new approach allows developers to run their own Box “instance” inside of their application — their very own Box, in other words. This turns Box on its head in a sense because instead of running the Box application, and building apps on top of it, you are building something and embedding… Read More

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Microsoft Acquires Mobile Business Intelligence Service Datazen

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Datazen, a mobile business intelligence and data visualization service. Datazen, which launched about three years ago, allows businesses to create mobile dashboards from data in Microsoft Excel, but also from other cloud and enterprise database sources. To run Datazen, enterprises need to run Windows Server, IIS and .NET behind their firewalls,… Read More

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Receiver for Android 3.7: Now on Google Play

We are very pleased to announce the release of Receiver for Android 3.7!  We have been working on this update for the past several months and it’s finally here. Click to download the update from Google Play. This release provides some great new capabilities you have been requesting. Here are the highlights: We’ve improved how fit-to-display functions. Applications are now displayed in a central area… Read More

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