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VMware update strives to place virtual desktops in modern context

VMware announced a series of updates to its virtual desktop (VDI) line today at VMworld in Las Vegas. The announcement attempts to set the virtual desktop in a more modern context, by offering customers a range of options in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid. What’s more, it’s trying to reduce the cost by partnering with a variety of hardware vendors from HP to Dell and even the… Read More

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Receiver for BlackBerry 10.3: Now on BlackBerry World

Love your new BlackBerry 10.3 device with its new Assistant, beautiful new icons  and a new home screen, revamped Hub, and new Calendar? Here is one more thing to love: our update to Receiver for BlackBerry 10 version,  just released to BlackBerry World. You can find it here:  Receiver for BlackBerry 10. Due to the changes BlackBerry made with OS version 10.3, Receiver needed… Read More

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Receiver for Android 3.7: Now on Google Play

We are very pleased to announce the release of Receiver for Android 3.7!  We have been working on this update for the past several months and it’s finally here. Click to download the update from Google Play. This release provides some great new capabilities you have been requesting. Here are the highlights: We’ve improved how fit-to-display functions. Applications are now displayed in a central area… Read More

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