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Gibson Electric reports over 4000 members without power – State Gazette

Gibson EMC Line Crew leader Kendall Byasse, left, and First Class Line worker Josh West replace one of four broken poles along Highway 125 near Hickman, Kentucky.

Gibson Electric Membership Corporation currently has 4,421 members without power in 81 outage locations. This is down from the almost 7,500 who were experiencing outages earlier Wednesday in more than 150 outage locations.

Gibson Electric released the following statement regarding efforts to restore power:

Gibson EMC crews work to replace three broken poles along Highway 45 near Fruitland, Tennessee.

We know that we have at least 24 broken poles and other locations with electric lines down. The outages are spread across Gibson EMC’s 12-county northwest Tennessee and west Kentucky service area. Crews have been working since the outages began, but with the widespread and substantial damage, repairs will be time intensive and some members may be without power for an extended period of time.

We have asked for and are receiving help from neighboring utilities. Southwest Electric and Lexington Electric have each sent us two crews and Pickwick Electric has sent us one crew. We will restore power as soon as possible and we will provide updates as we make progress. Members are encouraged to follow our progress through the Gibson EMC Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/gibsonemc/ and our Outage Map through our free Gibson EMC mobile app or through our website at http://www.gibsonemc.com.

Our crews will make the repairs that will benefit the most members first; then they will go back and do the repairs that are more time intensive and benefit fewer members. This is why members may see crews working in an area, but leaving without repairing individual services. When the main feeder lines in an area are back in operation, Gibson EMC personnel will believe members’ services in that same area are also back in operation unless alerted otherwise. This communication from the member helps ensure that Gibson EMC doesn’t overlook anyone unintentionally.

Members who have not yet reported their outages are encouraged to report them through the free “Gibson EMC” app found in the Apple Store or Android Market, by calling their local member service center or by calling the toll-free outage line at 1-800-977-4076. Before reporting the outage, members should check the entrance of the electric service to their homes. If damaged, the homeowner should arrange for an electrician to make those repairs. (Homeowners are responsible for repairs to damaged risers or meter bases.) Once any needed repairs are made, please notify Gibson EMC that you are ready for reconnection.

Gibson EMC encourages members who experience outages to keep their refrigerator and freezer doors closed and turn off major electrical appliances like heat pumps, water heaters and computers. After the power comes back on, members should wait about 15 minutes and then turn on the appliances one at a time. This will help avoid additional outages caused by overloads.

Most importantly, help keep our lineworkers, yourself and your family safe. When you approach an area in which our employees are working, please slow down and move over. Also, stay clear of downed electric lines or tree limbs that have fallen onto power lines, and report dangerous situations such as these to Gibson EMC immediately.

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