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Migrate a Riverbed Damaged Steelhead

When an RMA is required, we proceed in this way:

  • get the SH on the network with DHCP/DNS like you did
  • Configure tacacs server & key (CMC will attempt to log using a tacacs userid)
  • Enable appropriate interfaces (SH may use 1 to 6 inpath interfaces) + configure IP/mask/gateway (this is not covered by CMC policies)
  • Validate MSPEC and SSH licenses are present
  • Move SH to appropriate CMC group from which it inherits all its configuration pages
  • Generate new SSL cert from CMC (CMC is my CA so everyone else will trust this new guy)
  • Policy push from CMC
  • Software upgrade from CMC + reboot
  • Done


Source https://splash.riverbed.com/thread/7742#sthash.CElewAAl.dpuf

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