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Google Discloses Microsoft Edge Security Feature Bypass

Google has gone public with details about a Microsoft Edge vulnerability that attackers could abuse and bypass one of the browser’s security features —Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG). ACG is a relatively new feature added to Edge’s security model. Microsoft added support for ACG in Edge in April 2017, with the …

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Photos Companion is Microsoft’s answer to AirDrop

Microsoft’s Photos Companion app makes it easier to get your photos from your phone to your PC.Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images By Karissa Bell2018-02-17 10:48:53 -0500 If you use a PC, then you know that transferring files between your phone and your computer can be a huge pain. Well, Microsoft finally …

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Google’s Project Zero exposes new Microsoft Edge security flaw

Google’s Project Zero, a team of security researchers tasked with finding vulnerabilities in Google’s own software and that of third-parties, has exposed a new security flaw in Microsoft Edge (via Neowin), the default web browser in Windows 10. The flaw affects Microsoft’s Arbitrary Code Guarantee (ACG) that aims to mitigate …

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Microsoft wants the Surface Pen to replace your mouse

Patents recently filed by Microsoft suggest some serious upgrades are coming to the Surface Pen – like a touch-sensitive retention clip, for example, which could mimic the role of a mouse’s scroll wheel and maybe tempt you to ditch your mouse device altogether. The patent particularly makes note of being …

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